Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Starburst Detective

Dear Seena,

I'm sorry that I didn't learn the first time. I'm sure you remember when you were three, I tried to pull a fast one on you and I ate one of your pink starbursts. I know this is was awful, considering how much you LOVE starbursts but I really didn't think you would notice. You were three. I guess, maybe the fact that you separated all of the pieces by their colors and lined them up would have provided me some clue but it really didn't. I am very sorry. I know you were quite upset with me when you immediately noticed a pink starburst missing. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson. But alas, we are here again.

It was the morning after you had your three starbursts for dessert. The remaining starbursts were still in the wrapper and left out in the bowl of fruit, in plain sight. Tia V came over in the morning for a quick visit. She saw the opened package of starbursts and took one. I did not stop her.

Later that morning I, too, was drawn to the delightfully fruity flavors of the starbursts and I could not resist. I took one. Yes, without hesitation or remorse, I took one. Why I thought I could get away with this, I do not know. Perhaps I thought because the remaining starbursts were still in the wrapper in no particular order you would not have noticed? No so. I should have known better that your sharp eye in detecting missing starbursts would not have missed it. Sure as last time, the missing starbursts were noticed immediately. And not just one, both were noted to be missing. I even dare say, you were able to determine which flavors were missing. Unbelievable.

I see now that my feeble attempts at indulging my taste buds are no match for the Starburst Detective. From now on I promise to ask your permission before eating one of your starbursts, or any of your other treats as I now know, your ever watchful eye is always watching.

With love my sweet tooth,



Danifred said...

Tot has figured out that I only eat the red gummy bears out of a bag. Yet, she can't remember to wash her hands after she pees.

Rebecca said...

Yeah. If I'd discovered Starbursts as a child, I would have done the exact. same. thing. My favorites are the pink ones, too. And the cherry ones. :)

I still don't like when people eat my food. Just ask my husband. And my parents, though I've not lived at home for more than 10 years.