Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Little bits of the kids, per Ms. Juno:

  • is realizing that I actually may know some stuff.
  • actually saw her studying
  • is still without a phone. She's holding out for a cool one...I'm a bit impressed.
  • will be in high school next year and get her lerners--yikes!
  • may have broken a record of the most text messages last month - 14,000


  • loves to sing. I see a future in songwriting.
  • is the perfect litte mommy to AJ
  • can write her full name without looking!!
  • can say the pledge of allegiance
  • is trying to collect coins to save the babies that are in trouble and to get the pizza party


  • can say momma, daddeeee, dogdog, nana
  • loves to talk...his conversations are dada, dadadada, daaadaa
  • understands - where are your socks/shoes?, get a book, go sit down (at meals), outside?, cheez cheez. doesn't understand "no". He thinks it means "smile".
  • would make any riverdance dancer jealous with his feet stomping tantrums
  • is already displaying his extreme need to be independent. No longer wants my help going up the front stairs nor helping him AT ALL with his spoon at meal times.
  • loves to play chase with Seena
  • still LOVES to go outside
  • still likes to cuddle with mommy :)

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Wendy said...

Sounds like you have a lot of adventures on your hands... especially with the age span of those kids. WOW! :)