Thursday, June 11, 2009

Settle Down

I've started telling Seena to settle down when she's having an emotional moment. Usually her tantrums are due to not getting what she wants and she begins to kick her legs, whine and wither on the floor. I remove her from the area and take her to the stairs for time out. At that point I tell her she needs to settle down, count to 10 and rejoin us. I thought she knew what it meant but I didn't know she would use the term literally...

Set the scene last night as we were winding down for bedtime - I was on the couch with AJ on my lap and Seena was upset because she lost her TV time again: I decided to try to sneak in clipping AJ's toenails while he drank his milk. As Seena was getting ready to sit down next to us to try to persuade me let her watch TV I'm sure, I asked her to get the toe nail clippers for me. Oh would have thought I asked her to run a mile. The drama immediately ensued of "why, why do I have to. I just want to settle down. Why do I have to keep getting up, why can't I just settle down". The girl just makes me laugh.

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