Sunday, June 21, 2009

Face Eating Iguana

There are few things in life more entertaining than listening to kids talk amongst themselves and tell least I think so. And even funnier, when you have an older sibling who understands the "real" world and can call you out on it.

While I was at my mom's yesterday, Seena's older cousin - Mother Hen (6), began to tell me a story about a "guana" biting a girl's face. At first I was only half paying attention until she started to tell me the girl's face came off. I began to ask her who this girl was and if she went to her school. To be honest, I don't remember what her answer was. Again, my attention span was not 100% yesterday and I just thought it was just a "story" made up. A little later, Party Girl (4) came home and she began to tell me about the same story. Now, I'm starting to get interested. I asked my sister what the deal was with this story since both girls are telling me. She said Uncle J let the girls watch some show that morning that had an iguana biting off a girl's face ...or something like that. I really still don't know exactly what the real story was. But Party Girl kept up the conversation and went something like this:

PG - It bit off her whole side of her face. mmmhmmm.
Me - Wow, do you know this girl? Did she go to your school?
PG - Yes, she is in my class. She's my friend.
MH - No! She is not your friend. You are making that up.
PG - No, she is my friend.
MH - I can tell by the look on your face that you're making it up.
Seena - No, she's not. Look at her face, does she look like she's lying? Does she look like she has a happy face?
Me - Seena, how do you know she's not lying.
Seena - look at her face, she's not lying.

And last weekend at the river house PG was whining about a scratch on her leg that she had gotten earlier:
Me - What's the matter?
PG - A dead fish bit my leg.
Me - why did it bite your leg?
PG - because it couldn't make it back to the house.
MH - what?!! That is not true. A dead fish can not bite you. A dead fish is on top of the water and is upside down. It could only bite you if it was in the water the right way up.

So stinking cute.

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