Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear AJ

Dear AJ,

Time goes by so quickly. I can't believe how quickly you have grown. In just a few days you'll be 18 months. My sweet boy, I see so much of me already in you. When I tell Nana of all things you are doing she just laughs and says I was the same way. She also adds in a "good luck" for humor.

I wish I had a video camera permanently recording you everyday. There are so many quick, funny, adorable, sweet, amusing moments that are so hard to recapture in words. But nonetheless I will try. Not so much for an entertaining blog post but just as a reminder for me of the little things you do/did that make/made me smile.

1. Your scrunchie face
2. Your LOVE of dancing. As soon as any beat comes on, you are instantly grooving.
3. Last night when I asked you to help mommy with laying the towel down on the floor for bathtime. You took it, went straight to the bathroom, tried to unfold the towel, threw it on the floor "in place" and clapped your hands for a job well done. Again, not significant but oh so cute.

4. Snuggling with mommy.
5. Our daily night routine. Read book, hugs and kisses, lay you down to sleep, leave room, you cry, I come back in, you immediately drop back down on pillow, I cover you back up, rub your back, wipe tears away, I leave, you cry, repeat, repeat until I lay on floor, read magazine and you fall asleep. (I know this doesn't make sense as to why it would make me smile but it's the immediately dropping down on the pillow that does it for me. And I have to be fully in the room before you'll do it. I cannot stand at the doorway and tell you to lie down. No, I have to be in the room.)

6. The way you run.
7. Your love of balls and anything that resembles a ball. Pronounced "bah"
8. The way you snuggle with your blankies and Paul the Puppy.
9. The way you play and wrestle with Seena.
10. Your sloppy wet kisses.

Thank you for these moments.

I love you,


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