Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Elf Mom

I know I'm short, no surprise there. And yes, I married a man who is 6 feet tall. So I should expect my kids to be tall, right? But geez, at this rate my kids are going to pass me before they finish elementary school!! G's genes for some reason, are extremely dominant, especially in the girls. Even with Teen being my step-daughter, she and Seena look sooo much alike. AJ looks more like me, so they say. But all of them are tall. I remember hearing or reading in my genetics class in college that the males passed on their genes to the females and vice versa (the first borns of each sex - I should add). I specifically remember this because I remember thinking...oh no, if I ever have a son, he will be short. Maybe it's only dominant genes....I guess, I didn't pay too much attention because AJ isn't appearing to be short so far. But it's interesting, everything else seems to go along with that theory. I'm finding many of G's traits in the girls and AJ has many of my characteristics. The kids are still very young so I'm going to wait before I post any conclusive evidence but for now this is where the kids stand, literally:

Teen - already towers over me, she's 14.
Seena - is at my chest. And she even remarked today that she was almost as tall as me. She's turning 5 in July.
AJ - is almost as tall as Seena. He reaches her chest. He's 17 months.

Maybe I should change my profile name to Elf Mom....geez!

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Danifred said...

The doctor has predicted that Tot will only be 5 foot 3 if she continues on her current curve. That's a good 2 inches shorter than me. Bean is already 2 inches longer than Tot was at her age, so who knows how tall she'll be. Genetics are an interesting thing!