Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Commercials - as much as I hate them some really funny. I never really pay that much attention to them. Sure they can provide some helpful information but I never feel the need to rush out my door to get a McLatte or call up Geico to see if I can really save 15%. I will give it to the makers of commercials for their profound expertise in demographics and nailing the "I want that" appeal in kids.

I'm not sure when Seena started really paying attention to commercials but all of sudden everything was "oooh, mommy, I want that....can you buy that for me?" At first it was typical things like the Easy Bake Oven, Barbie dolls or the latest real-life I can pee now doll that was on the market. But then the infomercials started to appeal to her and all of the sudden she wants bend-a-roos and some sort of ball that flattens for easy storage? Who knows??? I always just say we'll make a list and maybe for her birthday or X-mas we'll get it. I'm not buying that crap - if it was that great than sell it at the store.

Anyway, the list has now gotten quite long but some of my favorites are:
1. A "carpet board" that can be used to skateboard around the house
2. Rocketshot - a fishing tool?? (my personal favorite)
3. Miniburger maker. She thinks this such "a great idea". Every time she sees the commercial she makes the comment that we should buy it so that daddy does not have to **demonstrate patting of burger with both hands** to smash the burger meat.

And although these are not items that she wants they are commercials that have been engraved in my little blossom's head:
4. Subway and the 5 dollar foot long
5. F.H. Furr. - another favorite of mine because she said this when she saw the truck in our neighborhood - "hey mommy, I know that guy. It's the guy on the back of the truck"

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