Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vacation's Over

On the day we were leaving from our girl's getaway weekend my friend Korn made the comment, "Back to the real world". And true, we were coming home to go back to work and responsibilities but it wasn't until yesterday that I felt my "vacation" was really over. Yes, this past weekend was by definition a vacation from mommy and wife responsibilities but I feel like I've been on an unofficial vacation for 8 months. For the last 2 years while G ran the restaurant I often felt like I was a single mom raising 3 kids. We hardly ever saw him so I was left with all of the home responsibilities...including mowing the lawn. This was fine, this was the life we chose and I dealt with it. But ever since the restaurant closed and G's been home things have been much different. Aside from our financial struggles, our life has been for the most part carefree and laid back. My job has been extremely easy, slow and flexible, enough so that I'm home "not working" more than I'm actually working. The kids were only in school 2 days a week. There was never a sense of urgency to get anything done nor the full day work stress to get home in time to cook dinner and play with the kids. And on the selfish side, I've had a vacation from housewife duties. I will admit that I've taken "advantage" of G being home all of the time and being a neat freak. He's done much of the home maintenance in all aspects for the last 8 months. I'm not going lie...it's been nice. But all things, good or bad, come to an end and it seems my vacation from life is starting to do so. G's back to work full-time (yeah!), I have a feeling my job is going to get very busy and my kids are going to school full time in two weeks. So, it hit me last night while I was cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry at 9:00pm, that my vacation was over and it was "back to the real world".

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