Monday, May 4, 2009

Out of the Haze

It's been a blah week, between the rain and my allergies, it's been torture. The rain I can't do anything about but my allergies, just like my weight, I could do something about it. But I don't and I end up miserable. Every year I convince myself that I'm getting better and that I don't need any medicine...but I think I've jinxed myself. I finally couldn't take it anymore and came close to going to the hospital last night for some relief. Fortunately (but not really for him), my brother lives very close and actually has worst allergies than I do. He came over and let me use his inhaler. Wow. What a difference. I could actually breath again. I could actually take in a deep breath and fill up my lungs. What a relief....

So, now that I'm out of my groggy haze of allergy misery, I have to reflect on my past week:

1. Again, I think God is reading my Blog. After all the ranting I did about having a choice to make about a job, I think God axed that the whole choice thing and G will be working in Manassas. I don't know what happened with DC but we have not heard back since faxing in the signed offer letter. Perhaps that is ok? Manassas doesn't seem so bad anymore. G had his first meeting/training and came back feeling good. His hours weren't too bad either. I guess we'll have to see.
2. A dear friend of mine decided to write a book on mommy diets, it was very clever. I, unfortunately, am not as creatively clever as she but I d0 have to add that I have come up with a few mommy must-have inventions of my own:
  • A Papoose made for specifically changing babies diapers.
  • A full plastic suit worn over clothes at meal times. Bibs just don't cut it.
  • A line of toys of plastic Tupperware, pot lids, cake pans, and anything else that comes out of kitchen cabinets
  • A scalp desensitizer (spelling?) that can be used so neighbors do not think child is being beaten while trying to brush knots out of hair. Detanglers are a cruel joke.
  • An alarm in the washer/dryer that sets off if it senses any crayons, markers, paints, pens, etc. in pockets. A magnified setting if the load is whites or lights.
  • A mute button that can be used when whining or fighting starts
3. Love. I am so lucky to have love in my life. I look at my kids and I feel as if my whole body is going explode because of all of the love I have for them. I know it sounds corny but it amazes me everyday that I could love someone SO much. And my husband, even though he drives me crazy, I couldn't imagine my life without him.

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