Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Love My Kids

As the Laws of Opposites would have it, I had every intention of writing about the opposite moments from my previous post. Those moments where I have to remind myself that "I really do love my kids". Those moments where AJ's ferocious appetite is never satisfied, the moments where I try to work out and continuously get interrupted, the moments where your kids spill, yell, cry, whine..etc. etc. and I need to close my eyes and with a deep breath say, "I love my kids, I love my kids." Yes, I had every intention of documenting one of those days but then I had a morning like yesterday and it all seems irrelevant...

I honestly believe I have guardian angels...I pray to them on a somewhat daily basis so I do think they are with me. My angels have manifested themselves physically by helping me through friendships, emotionally, physically and even financially. But then there are the moments where they are there right at the right moment protecting what is so important to me. Yesterday morning AJ woke up earlier than he was "suppose" to so I had to change my morning routine. After giving him his milk we settled on the couch to go back to sleep. Once he was asleep I snuck upstairs to awaken Teen for school. I told her to listen for AJ since he was by himself downstairs while I got into the shower. When I got out I could hear AJ crying but I could tell he wasn't on the couch. I knew he was looking for me. I rushed downstairs (because Teen was still in her room) and found AJ at the very edge of the stairs leading to the basement. I swooped him up so fast and smothered him with kisses, thanking him over and over again for not taking an extra step. I had left the basement door slightly open because I did not want to wake him up if I closed it completely. My one moment of neglect could have led to complete and total disaster. So, instead of writing of my babies naughty moments I instead want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my angels for being there for me in my darkest times, watching over me and for protecting my whole world.

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