Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Special Moments

There are so many moments in a day; bad ones, good ones and insignificant ones to anyone other than a mommy....Yesterday when I was picking up Seena from daycare I found her on the computer. Now, we've "taught" Seena how to use the computer but she would still need our help. I always felt guilty when I saw the other kids at school using the computer seemingly without any problems. When I sat down next to Seena to watch her I realized she knew how to do everything; click, drag, scroll...everything. When I asked her who taught her she replied, "No one, I watched the other kids". And there was my moment. I had tears in my eyes. I know this may seem insignificant to anyone else but to me it was a great, no a wonderful moment as a mommy. My Seena is learning on her own, she is taking initiative, she is growing.

AJ has his own moments. At school the teachers have told me he loves playing outside, loves storytime and loves to do art. They also tell me he's quite the helper when it comes to sweeping. He follows the teachers around with the dust pan. What can I say, my boy likes to sweep. He even has his own broom at home.

And then there are those special moments that are so quick, so innocent and so perfect "in the moment" that not even a picture or words could describe it. Moments like these can only be committed to memory. I had one of those special moments while walking home with the kids from school yesterday and watching Seena run ahead. It was nothing significant but just watching her and thinking of her past 4 years was one of those perfect "in the moment" moments. It's moments like those that I thank God for my blessings and pray for many, many more.

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