Monday, May 11, 2009

Separation Anxiety

Unless I was going outside for whatever reason, AJ, never displayed any anxiety of being "away" from me. Now, mind you, I'm not including bedtime in this story...that's a whole different ball game. Seena, on the other hand, had some issues and actually still is giving me a hard time when I leave her at school. But today, at 16 months, separation anxiety showed it's ugly face. AJ screamed, yelled and gripped my legs with strength that I really did not know he had. Finally, I got him up and sat him down with food in front of him. Food always works for me so it was worth a try. It did, for a minute. So, unsuccessfully and fighting back tears, I left him there crying with milky chex dribbling from his mouth. I know he would be fine minutes later but it never gets any easier, even with child #2.

Shortly afterwards, as I was driving to work, I realized, that I too suffer from separation anxiety. Now, I don't cry, scream and put my husband in a death grip-lock but I do pout. I used to think that I enjoyed my alone times and even leaned on being a loner but I've realized that I don't like it. Well, I don't like being away from G. I pout when he leaves and I pout when he won't join me on running errands (if I'm without the kids). He usually gives in but it takes some begging from me. It's not that I'm needy, I just like being around him. We don't even have to talk, I just like feeling his presence. As much as I want him and need him to go back to work, I know I'm going to miss him terribly. I've gotten too used to him being around. Too bad I can't be 16 months and scream, yell and grip his legs to stay...he might think I'm crazy. Oh, that's right, he already does :)


Danifred said...

I'm the same way with B. I enjoy just having him there, even if we're just running errands! As much as I am looking forward to getting away this weekend, I know that I will be missing B and the girls terribly by Saturday. I'm hoping all the sleep I'll get will soothe those feelings away though!

johanna said...

maybe your friends will soothe those feelings away too! just sayin'. ; )