Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ferocious Appetite

AJ has the biggest, never ending appetite I've ever seen. He's always hungry. I want to say maybe it's a growth spurt but if that's the case, he's been on one since he was 6 months. Needless to say, keeping up with his appetite is a little frustrating and time consuming. I'm trying to feed my kids healthy food but it's never convenient like a bag of chips or cookies. Healthy food requires washing, peeling, cutting, etc. Just to give an example of AJ's daily food intake, this is what he had yesterday:

Cup of warm milk
1 cinnamon toast
1 bowl of oatmeal
1/2 of a small bagel
Bites from my breakfast and Seena's breakfast

2 hotdogs
6-7 cherry tomatoes
homemade oven fries
1/2 apple
yogurt (baby size)
Ritz crackers
pretzel sticks
Bites from Seena's lunch

pretzel sticks
Broccoli/chicken/pasta casserole minus the chicken (2 helpings)
2 oreos
Cup of warm milk

And when he eats, it's like it's a race or as if he's never going to eat again. He stuffs his mouth until he looks like a chipmunk. Please reference photos of him eating apples below:

Preparing to eat apples and eventually yogurt. (notice protruding belly)

Beginning to stuff apples in mouthAlign Center

Stuffing face

Chipmunk cheeks

Proud little man for stuffing face

Nice full belly...for 5 minutes

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Sunny said...

he is seriously so handsome!!