Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fruits of my Labor

Since moving into my SFH I've been trying to create my very own garden oasis. It's taken some time but I'm patient. Much of what I have in my gardens are transplants from friends and family gardens, plants I've rescued from curb sides, from seeds I've collected along the way, etc. Of course, there are some store bought plants...I can't help myself. Nurseries for me are like candy stores for kids. Little by little my gardens are getting there and along the way they have brought me much peace and joy, if even for a minute or two. So, since my garden oasis brings me peace outside, I thought I would try to bring some of it inside today to distract me from the nonstop bickering, sassy mouth Seena in the other room. Aaaahh....serenity now.....

View of garden from back door (not a great photo)

The last remaining blooms on my Bleeding Heart (one of my favorites)

Columbine...surprise color from Yaya's garden

Climbing Roses (finally growing the right way)

After much TLC for 3 years my peony finally bloomed!

Iris (dad's garden), Foxglove (seed packet)

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