Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too Much Good News?

So Ya Ya's card came true, we got good news but it seems too much. Her cards said G would get good news from two guys. I was thinking it would be from the two guys G interviewed with at the bar in DC. However, this was not the case.

For a mere two hours on Friday, I was sooo super happy. G got the good news we've been waiting for...a job offer. And my extra delight it was from the bar in DC. I got the news while I was taking the kids for a walk so I'm sure the neighbors that heard my screaming and yelling thought I was a little odd. I didn't care. G got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two hours later, G gets another job offer. The one in Manassas. Now, I know I should be happy that we have TWO job offers but we also now have a conflict. I know my husband like the back of my hand...he would rather take the job in Manassas and I want him to take the job in DC. Conflict. I know this is ultimately G's decision and if we weren't so behind on our bills and mortgage, I would say take the chance with Manassas, but we need security right now. I mean, how am I going to convince my mortgage company to modify our loan if I can't even tell them how much G is going to make? I have no idea. This is a brand new restaurant in Manassas Park, it's not like it's Fairfax. Yes, I realize that it could do well and G could potentially make $800-$1000 a week but the place could also suck and G could make $50 a day. We just can't take that risk right now. At least with the DC job G has a salary plus tips. I know DC is going to be hard, longer hours due to the commute and G will be tired on his days off but I'm willing to take those sacrifices now if it means getting our lives back to normal.

We've weighed the pros and cons, we've run the numbers, we even went to DC Saturday night to check out the bar but G is still undecided. So this is where we are...I've said my peace, he knows where I stand, all I can do is pray the right decision is made.

Positive Thought/Comment/Note: G has a job, either way.

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