Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How I Love My House..Let Me Count the Ways

I think God is reading my blog. I say this because last week when I was complaining about being a bad mommy for letting Seena watch too much TV, my cable got disconnected later that afternoon. Seriously. God, thank you, but of all of my prayers, this was probably the least important. And to add to the frustrating part of the whole cable disconnection thing, it could have ALL been avoided had G's unemployment check arrived on time. But no...lady luck is still not visiting my house. So, we went without cable which is fine...really....but I was not happy having to pay for the $30 reconnection fee. I mean, seriously. My bad luck is almost getting comical.

So, since I think God may be reading my blog, I thought I would tell Him how much I LOVE my house and how much I want to stay in it.
1. It's the perfect size. Big enough to have privacy but small enough that it's cozy.
2. All of the windows - I love the brightness and I love that I can see outside from every room.
3. My walls. I loved that my house was already painted when I moved in. I am NOT creative enough to do the same/similar thing somewhere else.
4. My yard. I love that I actually have one and the kids can run around on it.
5. My gardens. I love them, love them, love them.
6. My neighborhood. I live in Pleasantville and I love it. I love the walking paths, the nature trail, the parks and the pool.
7. The schools. Seena's daycare is awesome. I love the teachers there and I'm really looking forward to Seena's Elementary school.
8. My front porch.
9. All of the kids in the neighborhood. They are always out and it's wonderful to hear them. Our neighborhood is still relatively young so there are lots and lots of kids.
10. This is my home. This where my kids were born. This is where I want to raise them. This is where I want to grow old.

So, please God, hear me. Other than keeping my family safe and healthy, this is the prayer I need. I will work hard the rest of my days to pay back my debts. I am not afraid of hard work. I am afraid of losing my home.

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