Saturday, April 18, 2009

My 15 Month Old Bobblehead

So, I took AJ to his 15 month well-check. His measurements were:
*Weight - 23.9 lbs.....43% percentile
*Length - 31.75".....75% percentile
*Head - 49.5"...97% percentile.

So, this tells me I have a tall skinny boy with a big head. A bobblehead.

Other things:
*AJ can say mama and nana. I can't decide if the nana is for Banana or his Nana.
*He used to know sign language; more, yum yums for food, Babas for his milk and going outside. Every once in awhile he'll use yum yums (fist to mouth repeatedly) but now he has resorted to just pointing and grunting. Dr. G (real doctor name) laughed as said...he's a boy, boys are lazy and he found an easier way to communicate.

AJ loves :
*to go outside. Now that it's getting warmer it's not a big deal but when it was freezing out it was not fun. There were many times we headed out bundled head to toe in every cold-weather piece of clothing (plus blankets) for a quick walk around the block. I'm sure I got stares from people but it made him happy. And happy is good when you're stuck in the house all day.
*veggies...right now his favorite is cherry tomatoes. I'm trying to grow some for the garden but I'm sure when they are ready to eat, he'll hate them.
*to get into everything..Tupperware, pots and pans, DVDs, my cookbooks....other than his toys.
*to wrestle but he's picky about about what he likes to wrestle. Lately, it has been Seena's puppy and a big brown throw blanket. ???
*to play drums.
*and my favorite....loves to cuddle with mommy :)

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Danifred said...

Girlllll... Tot's head is so big that when I bought her Halloween costume last year I thought it had to be marked the wrong size. The pirate hat wouldn't even go over the top of her head, but I learned it was just her big dome when the pirate dress was too big on her!