Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Morning Coffee Talk

Complaints/Bad News:
  • I can't decide which was worse last night, cleaning up dog poop and vomit or trying to instruct G tripped out on his sleeping pill to put water on a wash cloth and dab the floor where the vomit was.
  • G has passed on his insomnia to me. Sleep was NEVER an issue for me. I fall asleep, well used to, fall asleep within 5-10 minutes of going to bed. Now, I'm tossing and turning. And AJ is finally sleeping through the WHOLE night. Not fair.
  • I told myself I was going to start my new diet and workout plan this past Monday. Well it's now Friday and I haven't done a thing. Good job.
  • Seena is behind at school. I guess I should expect this since she's only been going for 2 days a week for quite some time and I haven't done the best job to help her at home.
  • G's possible jobs? G had two interviews this week. One he feels very good about and almost believes he got. He's unhappy with me because I'm not showing excitement over this news but as I told him, I don't want to get my hopes up. I will be excited, very excited, when you get the call that you GOT the job. But the truth is, I think I would rather him have the other job, the one in DC. I know it's a hike but he could make very good money there. It's a well established venue in a prime location. This place is local, independent and new. I know, we'll take which ever offer comes first, but internally I think my vote is for DC.

And since my motto has always been to always try to end on a positive note or with good news...

Good moments/good news:

  • One of my favorite moments is when I come home and AJ comes running to me with his arms up, mouth wide and a look of pure happiness.
  • G's and I sarcastic, poke fun at each other humor.
  • Seena's imagination, singing and dancing. She has officially told me she is ready to start dance classes when she is 5. I'm very excited about this. She can almost even do a cartwheel/roundoff.
  • According to my coffee reading, I was going to hear good news that was going to make me very happy. I think I got that yesterday. I was informed by my daycare that since AJ moved up to the Toddler room, my family discount went up from 25% to 75%. Meaning, for two days a week I'm now only paying $71. And if I move them up to 5 days it will only be $118 a week. OMG!!! This made me very happy. I am little behind in my payments but I can catch up in May, even with putting them in 5 days. I know, some parents disagree with having their kids in daycare for 5 days, but I truly believe with where I am presently, they would benefit more, much more, from daycare than me.
  • I got free Sunflower seeds in the mail. Free! I got them free by joining a research group to study bees. For free sunflower seeds all I have to do is count how many bees visit the flowers. Easy. I know it's only $2 that I'm saving but, hey, it's free, and I now I will have sunflowers this summer.
  • I love birds so I get very excited when I see new ones visiting. The typical ones come everyday-cardinals, robins, house sparrows, chickadees, goldfinches, house finches, Juncos, morning doves, titmice and mockingbirds. But I have had the great pleasure of hosting a few guest of honors...bluebird, downy woodpecker and some sort of hawk.

Sometimes it really is the little things... :)

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Danifred said...

Your daycare rates are AWESOME! I hope I get one of those once both girls are in preschool together.