Monday, April 27, 2009

Concept of Time

Have you ever tried to explain the concept of time to a 4 year old? It's quite entertaining. She gets today but not so much on the tomorrow. I have tried to tell her that something will happen that she wants tomorrow and she gets sooo upset because she thinks it's sooo far away. So, I have figured out by telling her after one cheez cheez's (sleeping) and one good morning's the event will occur. She also gets counting days - something will happen in 3 days, etc. Time, not so much. 5 minutes is counting to 5.

This evening while I was cooking dinner Seena came to me very concerned. She was very worried that she would not be able to finish coloring in a picture for partygirl's (cousin) invitation (b-day May 16 BTW) by Thursday. Again, she was very worried about this...concern of running out of time was all over her face. I asked her why Thursday and she said she simply needed it by then. After a few minutes of deliberation, she concluded that she will work on it "the other day" so she can finish it by Thursday.

Positive note: Moments like this always calls for smile.

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