Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Saturday(s)

A few weeks ago G asked why I just didn't write about what we did everyday. At first I thought it would be somewhat boring as there are days where either nothing really significant happens, the day is just too busy or AJ won't let me sit in front of the computer long enough to write something. Plus I don't have the gift of making the mundane interesting...I wish I did...

Anyway, now that G is working ALL.OF.THE.TIME and he misses out on so much, I may take him up on this. Plus, if I tried to tell him the events of the day in detail (like I love) his eyes would glaze over and he would tell me to "land the plane". So, this is for you G...and all the fun you missed out on yesterday ;)

I have to start off with G getting home at 4:00am from work. This is important for the simple fact that I purposely jam pack my mornings with out-of-the-house activities so that G can get some much needed sleep. For this week, I've added swimming to Seena's growing agenda. So, at 4:00am G comes home, I wake up and we exchange hellos, how was work, etc. I fall back to sleep only to be woken up at 6:00am by AJ.

By 8:50am we are out the door to go to Seena's first swim class. The class is only scheduled for 30 minutes but I packed my bathing suit and AJ's just in case. I was looking forward to letting AJ have some water time (san me) in the beach area at the pool while Seena took her class. Not so. Swim classes for all ages took up the ENTIRE pool area so we just got to watch. Thank goodness AJ actually sat through this without any issues. Afterwards we get ready to leave and I realized I forgot to pack toiletries for the ever so important after the pool shower. Had to borrow shampoo. Yes, I was that mom.

As we walked out of the locker, I stepped on the scale to see if my new Lent diet (no red meat or sweets) has done wonders to my weight. Not so. Not happy. We move on with my grumpy pants now on. Off to dance class.

We drop Seena off and AJ and I proceed to run an errand and then to Wegman's to get lunch. For whatever reason AJ does not like Wegmans. He can sit through grocery shopping almost anywhere except for Wegmans. I don't get it...but whatever we made it, barely. And just for a side note...why should healthy food be more expensive? Last week lunch was McD's. I spent about $6.50 for the kids. Our Wegman's lunch this week was almost $20.00; soup for the 3 of us, cornbread, salad for me and fruit for the kids. Not fair.

Pick up Seena from dance and we drive over to the local library to drop off books and hopefully find a picnic table to have lunch. My biggest mistake here was that I should have checked the weather for an update. I knew it was going to be in the 50s - perfect for a little outside lunch - what I didn't count on was the wind. A nice frosty wind. We find a picnic table (at the library) and get all set up. Soups are poured in cups and ready eat. Seena has to pee. Without fail..always happens. Repack all of the food minus one (hot) soup cup that has no lid that I carry in one hand and in the other I'm dragging (literally) a hungry toddler. We all finish our business and make it back to the table. And what a sight for sore eyes we were. It was so windy and so cold. Thank goodness I had towels, an emergency blanket and a bag of sweaters that need to go the dry cleaners in my car. I took it all out and wrapped my kids (and myself) in all of it. We looked like a bunch of hobos crouched over a hot fire, in our case hot soup. As soon as the soups were done we finished the rest of our food in the car.

Next on the list was TKD. By this point it's after lunch and AJ is ready for a much needed nap. Because we can't do this quite yet he rewards me with horrible stellar behavior during Seena's 30 minute class. Highlight here was G made a surprise visit. Seena was overjoyed!

We make it home (finally!) and AJ goes down quickly for a nap. Teen and I exchange words because she can't wait an extra 45 minutes to go to a friend's house so that I can get a quick run in, I make her clean her bathroom and vacuum, G leaves for work with Teen and I go outside to do some outdoor gardening chores.

AJ wakes up and we all go outside to play with all of the neighborhood kids that are out (love that I live in a neighborhood like this). Unfortunately, our outdoor fun time does not last long before Seena has an accident and takes a nose dive to the sidewalk. I was behind her when it happened and as soon as I saw her fall I instantly pictured a mangled face, missing teeth...the works. I run over to her (while carrying AJ and his wheely thing) and assess the damage. Thanfully, not too bad..phew! Painful...yes, screaming 5 year old... yes...but no serious damage.

The rest of the night was pretty typical with one exception. I decided to make some changes around the house...for me. See everyone in my house has their own "space". Not me. Now that G is gone most of the time and he got a new laptop from work, he no longer needs to be in the "office". So, I moved some things around and made the office "my space", complete with even my scrapbook supplies.

I know G won't be thrilled which is why I pretended to be asleep when he got home at 4:00am this morning and will be gone for most of the day today :)


Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

I am currently in search of more activities for my kids to do for the same reason - a sleeping hubby. I am super impressed with how much you packed into the day!

And I SO feel your pain on the cost of healthy versus unhealthy! I HATE that my grocery bill is so high because I refuse to buy crap.

And good for you for creating your own space! I did the same thing several months ago, and now wish I had done it several years ago!

Rebecca said...

What a crazy day!!!!! You must be exhausted!

The food thing is nuts...we pay so much more for healthy food, but it is sooooo worth it!

I want my own space. Luckily for Husband, our house doesn't have enough room for either of us to have our own space, so I can't steal from him.

That face plant looked nasty! Glad she's okay!