Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Own Food Revolution

Ever since Seena was born I would like to say that I've been conscience of what types of food I bring in the house. It really started with simple things like not buying foods that had a million ingredients, I tried to keep things a bit more "natural".

Now a days I've become consumed with trying to educate myself and my kids (hubby is a alot little tougher) on what is best for us to eat. I am soooo fascinated by the power of what foods can do for your body, your overall heath and everything in between. I understand what NOT to eat....that's easy but trying to figure out AND remember what does what is a bit of a challenge. But once I slip in a "goodie" into the kid's diet AND they like it...MAJOR SCORE!

I keep a list of all of the "Super Foods" on our refrigerator so I can try to eat those on a regular basis. We're doing pretty good except for the salmon...Teen hates it of course. She wants me to load up on all of the bad stuff but I just can't. I've agreed to some things like Hot Pockets, brown sugar pop-tarts and sugary cereals. I don't buy sodas and I only have one option of cookies in the pantry. I know my kids, especially Teen, would love it if our pantry was filled with processed food yumminess but I just can't do it to them. Bad health (disease, cancer, sickness, etc) is one of my deepest fears and I want my kid's bodies to be tough, bad-health fighting machines.

In my quest I've definitely had some major crash and burns...like the Spinach Soup. Other times I soar. One of my latest triumphs is yogurt and granola. I know it almost seems silly that kids wouldn't like this combo but you just never know...at least not with my kids. I thought for sure at least AJ would like the Spinach Soup.

Anyway, the granola is packed with all kinds of goodness. The yogurts good too, as long as it's a low sugar kind, but the the granola is the big winner here. I've found granola that has flax seed, pumpkin seed, tart cherries, almonds...all super foods. It's almost the perfect food except for the darn fat content (which I learned the hard way...thanks).
My latest, latest find was a "healthy" tortilla chip. I don't buy chips or cheese puffs or regular tortilla chips but when I saw this and tasted it I was sold! Plus it's organic and has flax in it. So awesome!! And it's awesomely delicious and the kids like it. SCORE!

And for even more interesting food revolution news:
Recently I found an article in a magazine for belly-busting foods. These are foods that actually eat away/reduce/get rid of belly fat! How awesome is that??? And it's easy stuff to eat; berries, dairy (whey), green tea, grains - LOVE me some quinoa, lean meats, etc. Since reading this article I've tried to eat as much as these certain foods as I can and I think I can tell a difference...(that is what I'm telling myself).

I even have a great visual for this wonderful belly-busting fat "diet" - little tiny belly-fat-eating piranhas nibbling away at my belly fat. I know it's gross but the visual works for me. Makes me feel like my belly is getting flatter! (ha!) I totally get that sit-ups would accomplish the same thing but since when did sit-ups become more fun than eating....anything period?

Favorite Quinoa Recipe - has replaced my morning oatmeal
2 cups milk (skim or 1%)
1 cup quinoa rinsed
2-3 T brown sugar

Bring 2 cups of milk to a boil. Add quinoa. Lower to a simmer, cover and cook for 15 minutes, stirring often. Add 2-3 tablespoons (to taste) brown sugar. Add cinnamon (to taste). Cover and cook another 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Split into bowls and eat immediately or save for leftovers.


Rebecca said...

I love your visual for the quinoa...I do the same thing when I'm spinning (dripping sweat = my fat liquidating and melting off my body)...whatever works, huh?

We're constantly on this quest too. I've made several recipes from the Deceptively Delicious cookbook too, but they are time consuming. Snacks send me over the edge, so your tortilla chip recommendation is very helpful...good luck with this! You're totally doing the right thing (even if the processed food is really yummy sometimes)!

You're watching the Jamie Oliver thing, right? Amazing...

Danifred said...

Mmmmm, sounds really good. I recently bought some flax meal that can be put on cereal, yogurt, added to mixes, etc. So far, so good.
I've also become a huge fan of LaraBars. All natural, great source of fiber and low in fat. They are the perfect snack or breakfast!