Monday, March 29, 2010

A+ in Writing

Seena has come such a long way since she started Kindergarten. By the first interim we had a conference with the teacher and she was concerned with Seena's progress on learning her alphabet. So much so that Seena got extra help at school. We also did extra things at home like tape letter labels for items around the house, we "quizzed" her on her ABC's as often as we could get away with and we looked for "letters" when we ran errands.

All of these efforts worked beautifully and Seena is doing awesome. Just like her teacher said, it would just "click" and it did. Now the class has progressed to reading and writing and it's one of the most magnificent things I've ever seen. My girl is reading AND writing! And SHE LOVES TO WRITE! She writes any chance she gets. By no means is it perfect but I can actually understand 90% of what she is trying to write.

Just this past Friday, Seena's teacher told me that Seena did an "AWESOME" writing sample. So awesome that it was read out loud to the class. That was my girl! Seena is not a star athlete or a gifted musician (yet -ha!) so I'll take these "star" moments and shout it out for all to hear. That was my girl! I couldn't be more proud!!

The assignment was to write about a special moment they had with a parent. Seena wrote about our "date" to the "theater" to see Aladdin.

"I went to a show with my mom and they plad Alanid. Wen we wr (were) weying (waiting) in lin we desded (decided) to get a drek and chips. I at (ate) cookes at hom."

Today I told Seena to grab daddy to come out and help me with the picnic table I was building for her. Apparently Daddy was taking a shower so Seena left him a note:
"Mom needs help with my bench pieces come and help mom"

It's so great! This is my girl! She's writing!


Rebecca said...

This is awesome!!!! She's doing such a great job!

Danifred said...

Horray for Seena! So awesome, what a proud moment for you both!