Monday, January 18, 2010

Paul the Puppy

I have to admit that I am very embarrassed that is has taken me this long to include an entry about Paul the Puppy, especially since he's really been like another member of the family.

Seena found Paul the Puppy when she was 2 at Ya Ya's house. From the moment she saw him she was immediately attached. For about a year the poor little guy did not have a name. He was just "puppy". It was my husband's lovely name-naming skills that gave the "puppy" the name "Paul the Puppy". And it's never just "Paul", it's always "Paul the Puppy".

Until this last Christmas Paul the Puppy (PtP) has been attached to Seena, practically at the hip. PtP accompanied Seena to daycare everyday until she was in the 4's. And the only reason we got her to stop bringing PtP to daycare was because one day we forgot him there and he spent a very cold and lonely night by himself. Seena was devastated but it helped us convince her that it was best that he stay home. For awhile PtP would accompany us in the car to daycare but I was given very strict instructions that when I went to work PtP was NOT to remain in the car by himself and that I had to take him into work with me.

After that period was over, thankfully, and since PtP got some new friends, the following was the new daily arrangements:

This HAD to be done before we left for daycare, period. It did not matter if we were running late, this HAD to be done. Period.

PtP has been loved and adored by Seena, she has even thrown him a birthday party....with bone shaped invitations and a real cake:
Guest list: PtP, Marie the Cat (AKA mea), Dot (AJ's version of PtP AKA wa), Tinkerbell, Ariel and Jasmine.

Paul the Puppy turns 5!

Party time!

I know the day of PtP is coming to an end soon. For Christmas this year Santa brought Seena a new "Best Friend". I named her Elena. She has become the new PtP, although, PtP is still not out of the picture completely. Instead of tucking in PtP every morning, Seena is now getting Elena dressed for school, packing her lunch and getting her backpack ready. Just this past weekend Seena wanted to teach Elena the ABC's.

I am sad about PtP but I know his days are not over yet, especially when the other little man of the family is becoming quite attached.

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Danifred said...

That is just so sweet. I remember PtP from the beach :)