Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mommy Needs to Pay Attention

I am sorry to say that yes, sometimes, I tune out the constant yabbering from my sweet 5 year old. Unless she's watching TV, the girl never stops talking. Sometimes what she says makes sense, sometimes it totally doesn't and most of the time something very funny comes out of it. I'm not saying this in any bad way, I'm just saying.

Case in point...the other day as I was enjoying a few minutes of cuddle time with Seena on the couch before I went to pick-up crazy, non-stop toddler from daycare, Seena was in full force with stories of her day. In my defense, this was also the first time I had a minute to relax and get off my feet so I will admit that I zoned out a bit. I did hear bits and pieces of "the fair man" and he got killed. The killed part is what caught my attention and I asked her to repeat her story. I zoned out again. I'm horrible, I know.

Later that night, during dinner, Seena began with another recollection of her day. Again, not 100% there but the words "black", "bus" and "arrested" caught my attention. See, I was listening.... But as soon as I heard those words the whole thing clicked....just like that. I said, "oh, you're talking about Rosa Parks and earlier you were trying to tell me about Martin Luther King, Jr." Seena's exasperated response (with hands out to the side) Yes! He was the fair man because he was trying to make everything FAIR!" She was absolutely delighted that I "understood" and that she could tell me such an important historical fact. She even asked how I already knew and if I watched the same movie on the "smartboard". I refrained from responding with my usual response of "mommy, knows everything" and told her that I learned that in school too but not from Ms. W.

On a side note...I was accused yesterday of NOT being like the Fair Man because I was not being fair with the splitting of candy between her and crazy, I want to eat everything all of the time toddler, AKA AJ.

So, apparently I need to pay more attention AND learned to be more fair.


Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

I am SO guilty of this as well! Both Cooper and Maren talk all. day. long. And since they were majorly offended when I asked if they could stop for just 5 minutes, I sometimes just stop listening.

Danifred said...

For now, no one cares that I don't listen- they keep talking anyway.

Brandi said...

I can totally relate!