Monday, January 4, 2010

AJ Turns 2!

My little boy turned two yesterday!!! My cute little snugglebug turned two....too fast...too fast!
Some fun, cute, loving tidbits of my darling boy:

  • still loves music; loves toys and books that make sounds and have music.
  • loves to dance, clap his hands and stomp his feet to the beat
  • still loves to snuggle with mommy
  • loves to have his pictures taken, although you would not think so from the pictures of him at his party.. Anyway, he can often be found carrying around my camera and saying “cheese”!
  • G has taught him how to “fight”. As bad as it probably is, the boy is too darn cute when he holds up his fists and puts on a tough look.
  • Teen has taught AJ a gesture that involves making the “fish face” and a pointed finger. It is a random act that comes out of nowhere and it is incredibly funny. It’s the perfect “Yeah, you” look.
  • AJ loves to play with Seena. He copies everything she does and follows her everywhere. They certainly have their fighting moments but most of the time they play very well together. I especially love it when he follows Seena around carrying “his” baby. Even the many trucks he got for Christmas hasn’t changed that, in fact, I think he’s got 2 babies that he’s carrying around now.
  • His 2 year Well Appt. isn’t for another 2 weeks but I’m anxious to find out how well he is developing n his vocabulary. AJ is well over 50 words now but most are not the correct way of saying things. I forget if this is normal but G seems to think that Seena was already forming “clear” words by the time she was 2 as oppose to some form of the word. I’m not concerned but I would like to put this questioning to rest.
  • AJ is still into veggies more than any meat but is starting to be a little more “selective” than I would like. He does really like water and drinks a lot of it. My favorite new “thing” he does is taking 2 cups to the water filter and filling them both up to his liking and drinking from only of them. He does it every time.
  • My son has a very interesting reaction to pain. Obviously he cries and screams but he gets angry about it. His fists ball up and it’s almost like he wants to either fight or he’s mad that he’s in pain.

Aside from all that AJ is exactly what a 2 year old should be – active, all over the place, laughing, singing, climbing, getting into everything and being stubborn. The boy understand what no means because he’s not shy about saying no but hearing it doesn’t phase him a bit. No to AJ means something is funny. He laughs every time and it doesn’t matter if you say it in a normal voice or yell it, he still laughs.

For AJ’s birthday I finally decided to have a farm themed party for no particular reason other than I really love the animal noises he makes when we ask him what cows, horses, dogs and cats say. My favorites are the "ehhhh" for horse and "mea" for cat. "wha wha" for dog is pretty cute too.

Seena helping out with the cake.

Cake in progress, AJ sneaking in a photo moment.

Finished cake, AJ's farm yard.

A little Just Dance entertainment :)
My camera taking crappy photos....AJ blowing out his candle.

AJ enjoying his cake.

AJ totally got into opening his gifts!

Happy Birthday!!!

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Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome little man! The cake is ADORABLE and I love the theme - perfect for a 2-year-old. My son was not much of a talker until well past his 2nd birthday, while it seemed like my daughter was talking in paragraphs by then. I am still constantly amazed at the differences between boys and girls!