Saturday, January 23, 2010

Child Labor

Yesterday I mentioned blogging about a recent decision I would have to make but I've decided it's not necessary. My decision revolves around having to decide to take on another part-time job. A real one, not a contract job that only requires a few hours here and there. This will be a real PT job. Luckily though, it's still very flexible and pre-care will not be necessary. Anyway, as I said, blogging about it is not necessary. Deep down I know the decision I will make. Without getting into all of our private family details and even with G starting his new job, I will need to take this on, at least for a little awhile. If all goes well and as we hope, this will just be a temporary thing. But such is life and as such, it must be done. As my fellow blogger and dear friend Danifred put it, "Column A just does not equal Column B". It's just that simple.

So, since my life will now involve me having:

1. having full-time job
2. being a full-time mom
3. having part-time job(s)
4. volunteering at school and Girl Scouts

I did what any good manager would do. I pooled my resources and I delegated!

This last picture is what eventually came out of the cleaning cabinet. Apparently AJ was not satisfied with just one brand....

And if your wondering who has so many cleaning products the answer would be....we do! We do because G likes to buy cleaning products. He's determined to find the "best one". Meanwhile, my collection grows and grows and grows.... ;)


Danifred said...

Hope you are taking care of YOU along the way :)
I also have a husband who buys all sorts of cleaning products, although,I'm not sure why.

Cindy said...

I think that is awesome that you delegated and have some help! It also teaches them good habits for later :)!