Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Crazy

Earlier today I thought I was going to go crazy...literally. This past week has been so busy with work(s), school being out and having to do everything alone has taken a toll on me. I love working from home but when school is out for something other than a holiday it is hard. Seena does not understand that even though she doesn't have school I still have work to do. It becomes very frustrating and very stressful. Things are made more difficult now because G is back to work on full-time++ restaurant hours. I've had no breaks from the kids, as much as I love them to pieces, I need a little a time for me...just a little. Now that I've picked up running again this has turned into that time. My sanity needs the exercise as much as my waistline does.

This past week I didn't run at all. And now with this snowstorm all I saw was being trapped for another week. I knew that I should have been loving this time to be hanging out with my kids but all I could think of was what could I do to distract them with something other than me??

But finally...the wind stopped blowing, the snow stopped coming down sideways and I saw my break! I grabbed my shoes, grabbed my coat and I was out the door! I only took a short walk but it was just what I needed! The snow was beautiful but the quietness was better.

And when I got back I was greeted by loving hugs from both my kids, which I quickly returned with bigger hugs and smooches.

These are the poor trees in my back yard...

which are suppose to look like these.


Danifred said...

I have a feeling it's going to be a long week for all of us.

Rebecca said...

Totally agree with Danifred! I am constantly looking for something to distract them and have resorted to the TV (prior to this horrible winter, they barely watched it). I got them to sit still to eat their snack for FIFTEEN minutes while watching Word Girl...hang in there and get your breaks when you can!

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

You are so right - getting out of the house, even if it means bundling up and even if it is only for a short walk makes a huge difference!