Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • As a follow up to my red meat post and to the suggestions of eating dark and leafy greens, I made a spinach soup this evening. I came upon this yummy goodness at Wegman's yesterday and I was surprised at how good and low fat it was. No cream! Unfortunately, no one else in my family thought the same thing and I have enough spinach soup to last me until Easter. Fun.
  • I hate my husband's job. No, that is incorrect, I hate the line of work he is in. I know he loves it and therefore I feel guilty but his hours suck. He closes 6 nights a week, which means he works from 2pm to 3-4am. The kids never see him and I'm left with doing EVERYTHING. I'm not ungrateful, especially since he was unemployed for so long but it's hard. And I'm tired. And this is my blog. He knows he's not contributing and feels badly about it. I've even gotten a few "I promise I'll clean on such and such date". Mmhmm. I'm lucky now if he even makes the bed before he leaves. We've been told this type of schedule is temporary and will lighten up soon. I hope so.
  • AJ knows how to count 1. It's so cute. Earlier today (or yesterday?) I, out of the blue, asked AJ to count something with me and piped right in with "one". 
  • I have a secret fascination with The Duggars. Not that I want to have 20 or however many kids they have, I'm just curious HOW they do it. I know some of it is TV stuff but they're very religious so I can't imagine they would deliberately lie or be deceitful. How does she manage to raise all those kids, homeschool them and have, what appears like, a happy, respectful and organized home. I'm actually reading their book. I clearly have issues but I may get some new ideas.
  • We're back to having major issues with bed wetting and soiled pants with the missy. I finally gave in and bought her pull-ups. It took a lot to get her to finally agree to where them but she's wearing them (at night only).
  • It appears Teen has picked up G's sarcastic wittiness and sense of humor. She's quite funny.
  • Seena is still obsessed with Teen being only her "half sister" but it's all behind my back. Today, she told her old 2's teacher at daycare while we were picking up AJ. I only found out because the teacher pulled my aside to tell me. I wonder where she got all this from and why she seems to be obsessed with it. I believe some deeper investigation is in order.
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Stepping On Cheerios said...

Muffin is counting too, love it. Have you had the bedwetting thing checked out by the doctor? I'm sure that is frustrating but it won't last forever:)

Ellemes said...

So cute - counting to 1 :)

I can't imagine doing it all (I sort of do, but at least my husband is her to keep an eye on Roo while I do it)...I hope that the promise of temporary is true for you.

Rebecca said...

Ewwww to the Duggars.

Yay to the sarcastic sense of humor!

Can I ask how you chose your blog name? I love it, but it makes me think of the movie and I'm not sure if that's the right thing or not. Am I even making sense? Who knows?

HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm with you on the Duggars. I don't agree with everything they are doing but I certainly think they are doing some things right.

Danifred said...

I also have a secret fascination with Duggars. I just don't get it, on so many levels.

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

I too find the Duggars interesting! And I would gladly take another Duggar kid over another kid from some of those other reality television families ANY DAY!

And I so know what you mean about your husband's job! I love the line of work my husband is in, but I loathe the hours!