Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Billy Bob in the House!

Finally after 3 1/2 years Seena's dead tooth has finally, finally decided to come out. I thought for sure this tooth would be the first to go considering how badly it was hit years ago. Back when Seena was 2 she fell and hit her top gum right on the edge of a bookshelf. Yep, it looked as bad as you are probably imagining it. A chunk of her gum was missing. It was very gross and disgusting and then her tooth died.

But, fortunately, no real damage was done and all we had to deal with was a gray dead tooth....front and center.  To be honest I was very much looking forward to the day that a new beautiful white tooth would replace the icky gray but I had no idea this little chomper was determined to stick around for as long as it could hold on to any last piece of stringy nerves, skin, gum...or whatever it is that keeps it there.....ICK!

This is Ms. Seena with her teeth nicely aligned.

This is her now with her own set of Billy Bob teeth except hers are real. And yes, this is the same tooth that was up there.

Like any other loose tooth and like every other kiddie, she likes to move it around and gross me out. Every time she opens her mouth and wiggles it I get the eeby geebies. And this is coming from the girl who wanted to be a forensic scientist.

This tooth is just unnatural. Look closely below....the thing just hangs wrong. It doesn't belong needs to come out!!!!

And just to gross you out a bit more...

Not that I wanted to share a picture of Seena's nostrils but I just wanted to show how much this darn tooth is hanging on. It has literally been pushed completely over and the new tooth behind it is almost half-way out. I mean, come on! Enough already. It's time to let go. It's time to say goodbye to all of the other tootheds (Seena vocab for teeth) and say hello to the Tooth Fairy.


Sunny said...

I'm so glad you posted's absolutely hysterical!!

Danifred said...

Loose teeth make me heeby geeby!!! I could never pull my own either.

But, come on tooth fairy!!!

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

That is too funny - and gross! Maren had to have one of her front teeth pulled just about a year ago - she took a bite out of the bathtub one night, and after a year of babying the tooth, it died and then abcessed. I am so used to seeing her without a front tooth, it is going to be weird to see her when it finally comes in!