Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I really am disliking this new blogger, mainly because of the missing spellcheck button. If it's really there and I can't see please let me know. I'm not a horrible misspeller but I like having the comfort zone of having the "button" to catch any mistakes. Especially now since I really do think I'm losing brain cells. I am "forgetting" how to talk, spell, write...I'm assuming it's because I lack adult conversation on a regular/daily basis but maybe not...maybe I am losing brain cells..yikes!

  • I can't believe how raw my fingertips are. Between the constant washing dishes, laundry, wet gloves from shoveling/playing in the snow, the snow period, baby wipes, washing my hands, washing AJ's hands and face my fingertips HURT! They're cracking all over the place and they are dry, dry, dry! I wonder if YaYa still has the hand wax kit I gave her years ago ;)

  • I don't like playing dollies with Seena. There I said it. Anything else, no problem. I can color, do puzzles, play games, play restaurant, etc....but just nothing to do with playing house, caring for babies, going to school...I do that stuff all day everyday..I don't want to play it too. And that's all she wants to do.

  • The other favorite past time of Seena's is throwing parties. The other day she threw a "restaurant party" for G going back to work at a restaurant. This I enjoy doing ;)

  • AJ is just AJ.

  • Teen and I's relationship has gotten better and better by the day. I think we both can say now that we actually do enjoy each other's company and mean it :) I had hoped this would happen once she reached high school and I'm quite pleased with how things are going.
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    Danifred said...

    The one I hate doing? Playing pretend cooking and pretend dinner and lunch. If I have to pretend to eat fake food one more stinking time!!!!!

    Stepping On Cheerios said...

    The constant "Look at this" Watch this" gets old!

    I'm so impressed about how you handle Teen. She is luck to have you even when she doesn't realize it.

    Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

    To get the old editor back: Dashboard --> Settings --> Basic --> Select Post Editor --> Old Editor --> Save Changes

    I too hate pretending to play anything that I do anyway!