Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seena is Only 5

I've realized that I tend to believe that Seena can comprehend logic as if she was 15. I forget that she's only 5 and has a brain/attention span of just that. This is most evident when we are arguing and I'm trying to explain the reason(s) of why something is the way it is, why we are fighting, who started it, what is going to happen blah, blah, blah. Keep it simple stupid. KISS. I need to remember that.

But also, I need to remember this in other situations, such as, explaining ticks. What I thought was going to be a quick explanation of why we look for ticks and what they feel like so that she can tell me if there is one on her turned into a long discussion of why this and why that. How do they get on you? Where do they live? Can they get in the house? What does it look like? Does it hurt? Do you get sick? Do you die? Do they suck your blood? Do they suck all of your blood? How do you get more blood? Does God make more blood to put in your body?

Ah, good ole God. I actually did not give credit to God on this one. I told her the truth...that her own body makes more blood. Thank goodness this was the last question and she asked me as we were walking out of the bathroom from taking a bath so that G could witness the never ending questions that he never seems to get. And of course, that God was the ultimate "fixer". The look he gave me when she asked if God made more blood was priceless :)

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