Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bite Me

Yesterday AJ got bit in the back at daycare because he tried sitting on some kid's lap while they were reading books.

I got the incident report and the note said"took away from each other and talked with them to be nice with each other".

Normally, I am very, very, very pleased with AJ's toddler class but this bothered me a little. AJ has been in this class for 4 months now. Many times the teachers have told me how much AJ loves books and how he sits in their laps while they read to the rest of the kids. I've also told them several times the reason why AJ does that is because that is how I read to him. I sit indian style and he plops himself right on my lap and we read.

So, please tell me why my son was "scolded" for doing what he thought was a totally natural thing. If the biting hadn't happened, I would have thought it was cute. And I understand why the kid bit AJ. I'm not annoyed by that but I'm annoyed that my son was treated like he did something wrong.

Like I said, I am normally very pleased with this class and the teachers. AJ loves it too. I'm hoping that this is an isolated incident and that the teachers are really paying attention as oppose to just telling me they are.

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