Monday, August 3, 2009

God Is The Creator, Maker, Teacher Of All Things...Even Sidewalks

Seena is at that point where she's really beginning to question things. I remember a few months ago she asked me a random question about something, like, "what are clouds". I explained it to her and then she asked how I knew that. I explained that I learned it from my teacher when I went to school. Then she asked how that teacher learned it and it went on from there for at least two more layers of "who taught THAT teacher". I finally told her that God taught the very first teacher and she taught the other teachers. So now God teaches everyone everything and also makes everything. I really did not mean for that to happen but how else do I explain where sidewalks come from?


Danifred said...

Just this past week, the "what does that mean?" and "why?" have begun in our house. Ugh!

johanna said...

you guys could explain every little thing like m and m do. coming home from the beach we stopped at the annapolis visitor center to use the facilities and the female m explained to g that annapolis is the capitol of maryland and is where legislation is made, etc. ; )