Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring AKA Sugar Break 2010 (Part 2 of 3)

Today's stroll down Sugar Break 2010 takes us to Hershey Park! The meca of all chocolately goodness!!! Fortunatley/unfortunatley - depends on who you ask (G is still shocked that I didn't bring him back any candy --(it's Hersheys, you can get that at anywhere for I'm sure 1/2 the price)) we didn't buy any chocolate but we bought everything else. Anyway, back to the story...I decided to take the kids to Hershey Park over Spring myself :) Surpringsly, it went well! Even AJ did reasonably well, even without a nap. The hardest part was trying to keep my eyes open on the drive back home.

This was the first amusement park for AJ and from the looks of it he loved it! I actually got to ride 3 adult roller coasters, one of which went straight down and the other shot you off like a rocket. Wooh! Of course, I had to bribe my little angels with some ice cream in order to wait in line without any "episodes". Seena even drove the Classic Car by herself. She was very nervous and got a little anxious when she noticed the "back-up" behind her but she did great. And her defense, her foot WAS all the way down on the pedal :)

It's interesting, as little as 6 years ago I would have been upset that I didn't get to ride everything at an amusement park but this time, I simply enjoyed watching my kids have the time of their lives. It was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs!

I know AJ and probably Seena are too young to remember but hopefully with the 50 million pictures I took they'll be able to see all the fun we had.

Teen and her three other friends. Seena loved being "part of the girls".

AJ's first ride! He looks thrilled, can't you tell?

This is the 2nd ride. This one is a little better :)

I lied, this ride was the only ride AJ did not not get on. Seena gets brave and rides with her hands up!

Teen and Seena

Whoa!!  This one just makes me laugh every time :)

This is one of my favorite pictues. This ride was so cute. It was a bunch of mini trucks on a track. The kids got a 2nd wind 20 minutes before the park was going to close and they ran from ride to ride trying to get one last in.

Great memories!

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Danifred said...

I can't wait until the girls are old enough to do the theme parks!