Thursday, April 1, 2010

Love Thy Sister

Dear AJ,

I am so glad that I get to see you follow around in your sister's footsteps...literally. One of my daily greatest joys is watching you adore your sister. You show that love through playing with her, I suppose biting her too has some affection as well, I mean this whole phenomena on vampires has to come from some love right? My favorite, however, may have to be how much you copy her and her every moves. It is so precious.

I figure that this adoration will not last forever, as you are a boy, and soon Seena will have cooties or some other annoying gross girlie germ that you will not want having anything to do with. Therefore, I've a compiled a little list of all the ways you show how much you really love your sister.

I see it when you cry for her after she gets dropped off at school.
I see it when I give you a cookie and you ask for one more for Nena (Seena).
I see it when you have to have the same type of spoon that Seena has at dessert
I seen it when you follow Seena and copy her every move, whether she touches the couch a certain way or looks out a certain window
I see it when you carry your own blankie....(or you steal Seena's) when she carries hers around
I see it when you copy her dance moves or karate moves
I see it when you sneak in her room and crawl into her bed.
I see it when you play dollies with Seena
I see it when you run and hug Seena when you are scared, especially of the vacuum.

There's no denying it sweet really do love your sister.

Just wanted to let you case you ever forget.

All my love,


Rebecca said...

That is soooo cute! Love that he cries when she leaves for school...too sweet!

I, too, have convinced myself that biting has some sort of affection attached to it...arghhh!!!

Cindy said... brother used to play dollies with me and my sister also :)!

Danifred said...

So cute. My girls adore each other. Maybe I need to make sure they remember too because I'm sure the fighting isn't too far away!

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

So, so sweet! While they certainly spend enough time at each other's throats, my kids also adore each other - I hope it lasts!