Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Patience vs Appreciating

So, after re-reading my entry yesterday I realized I went off on a tangent about appreciating and not necessarily addressing my revelation of gaining patience. I think it goes hand in hand. For the last few years, while dealing with the restaurant and our struggles financially, I lost my patience. The worst part about it is, is that I lost it with my kids. I can't tell you how many times I've yelled at Seena for not doing something after just asking her once or twice, or if she's not moving as fast as I want her to (my impatience). I was just as bad with my older one. And still up to this point, I find myself not encouraged by hopeful news - I want results. I want solid news. Even when G tells me of a possible "investor" for a new venture or another job posting, I give him a lack-luster "that's great, babe." Of course, he gets annoyed and says, "can you at least be excited? Or encouraged?". I really wish I could, but like I said, I want results now. I want him to tell me "I got an investor!" or "I got a job!" or "I got some money!". But such is not life right now and I need to find my patience again so that I can enjoy AND appreciate my everyday moments with my family.

G has another interview today. This job is for a bartender. Hopefully, if they like him they'll want him to start ASAP! How does tonight or tomorrow sound?

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