Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Night Leftovers

Okay, I hope I did this right....
  • I am back to playing musical beds.
  • Really considered looking up a child psychologist for Seena this week.
  • AJ has begun a taking off his diaper and then peeing in his pants, but yet he has no interest in peeing in the potty.
  • Teen got an 82% on an Earth Science test that I made her study my way. I again reminded her that I was not crazy.
  • I wear Teen's hand me downs quite proudly. This week it was a like a shopping spree, I think I got 3-4 shirts and some PJs.
  • All week I was looking forward to posting to this and was purposely reminding myself of tidbits to add but now that I'm here, I can't remember
  • I'm not feeling the "love" on this new project from the PTA that I've been assigned to. So far the President has not responded to my e-mails and the treasurer told me that she couldn't quite get a strong feel for it yet. Meanwhile, I've already set up an appointment to take a tour of a very successful discovery school yard next week. This is not a very good start ladies.....

1 comment:

Danifred said...

Yeah! You played with me!
Tell Teen awesome job :)
And- PTO ladies.... sheeeeeshhhh!