Monday, September 28, 2009

Keeping Up

Goodness. That is all I can say. Life is busy and I only have one kid in one activity...well, actually two. I realized this morning taht I didn't take my laptop out of it's bag once this weekend. Crazy, crazy, crazy. October "appears" to be a slower month...according to my calendar but I can see that changing pretty quickly. I have to say that I have written on this blog daily...just mentally. For now, since I have a brief ten minutes before my next meeting I will jot down a very funny moment between Seena and G last night:

G is putting Seena down to bed and has just finished reading her a book:
G - quit peeing in your bed.
Seena - you quit smoking.

Enough said...that's my girl :)


Danifred said...

HA!! Take that!

Sunny said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hilarious!!