Thursday, July 9, 2009

Seena's Birthday Wish List

G finally settled her down and got a full list. These are listed in order.

1. Switch Play (infomercial - ball that flattens into a frisbee?)
2. Rocket Shot (another infomercial - fishing tool)
3. Married Doll
4. Doll with Pink House
5. Polly Pockets
6. Movies, Movies
7. Big Disney Dolls
8. Disney Princess Books
9. Any Princess stuff from Disney Store
10. High School Musical Dolls
11. High School Musical pajamas
12. Disney Princess bathing suit
13. Disney Princess towel
14. KITTEN (written in large letters and all caps)
15. Pool with Polly Pockets
16. Outdoor Pool
17. Crayons
18. Markers
19. Clothes
20. Coloring Book
21. WII

Let me remind you that G helped Seena make this list *ahem #21*.

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